How to Use Lemon Water for Belly Fat -

How to Use Lemon Water for Belly Fat

How To Use Lemon Water For Belly Fat

Is it really true that you will start losing that belly fat in just 10 days by drinking lemon water? This sounds like a miracle, but many people claim that it is the truth, and it can work for anyone.

And yet some other people said they tried it and it did not work for them, but the advocates say they did it wrong. So is there a right way to use lemon water to fight that belly fat and get rid of it for good?

We are taking a look at this method to get rid of that stubborn belly fat and, at last, have a flat stomach.

Can Lemon Water Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Many people claim that you should drink lemon water every morning, and it will melt away that stubborn belly fat. But is that true, and how will lemon melt away belly fat and help you to have a flat stomach?

While lemon water will not magically melt away belly fat as some people claim it can do, there is a bit of truth to the statement. There are reasons why people believe lemon water melts away belly fat, and we will investigate how.

What Lemon Water Can Do

If you can get the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water, you have a beverage that has only 6 calories. This is very good because every time you drink a glass of lemon water, you will replace a high-calorie beverage.

But a glass of water has no calories in it so it will be better to drink just a glass of water. The problem is that many of us do not like to drink plain water because of the tastelessness of water.

Still, you are having a drink with minimal calories in it, and you are doing your body a great favor. This means that your body will now automatically feed on the calories for fuel that are stored in the form of fat.

As you can see, the fat content of your body is then reduced with this action, and therefore the fat melts away. So it is no wonder that many people believe the lemon water is melting away the belly fat miraculously.

It will also help you to increase your daily water consumption because it tastes much better than just plain water. So if you like it, you will drink it rather than the high-calorie juices and other sugary drinks you would have otherwise consumed.

Increase In Metabolism

The finding of some research shows that increasing your daily water intake will improve the metabolism in the body. So by starting to drink lemon water, you are doing just that, increasing your daily water intake and improving your metabolism.

An increase in metabolism will result in weight loss and, therefore, also help get rid of that belly fat for good. A higher metabolism means you need to burn more calories to maintain body mass, so your body burns the calories instead of storing them.

If you start to drink lemon water, you improve the chances of a faster metabolism in your body. Now your body uses up more calories and does not store them in the form of fat, hence the weight loss.

So in a way, it seems that the drinking of lemon water makes you lose weight, and that is why the fat melts away. If this is the only way you are going to increase your daily water intake, then you should keep it that way.

Just remember that to do this on a daily basis, you will have to keep on slicing up those lemons. And many people do not have the time to keep it up, and that is why they just give up after a while.

Lemon Water Will Suppress Appetite

It is also found that water, in general, will make you feel full and you will not eat as often. This is precisely the case with lemon water; the more you drink, the less you will eat, and that will reduce your calorie intake.

And if you eat less, it will prevent overeating, and thus it will also help to prevent you from getting fat. And that in itself is great, and your body will then use up the calories that are stored as fuel.

This is a fact that the more water or, in this case, lemon water you consume, the less you will eat daily. So instead of eating large portions, you will automatically eat smaller portions and therefore eat less than you did before.

Increase Weight Loss

Some studies also found that a higher intake of water in the body will help to increase the loss of weight. This will also apply to lemon water because of the very low-calorie content of the lemon water, thus increasing weight loss.

A Lemon Water Recipe

Take one lemon and slice it in half and then slice the one half up into thin slices with the peel still onto it. The other half can be stored in the fridge for next time you want to drink lemon water.

Take all the sliced pieces of lemon and put it in a small pot, add a glass of water to it and let it boil for 10 minutes.

After it boils, you can throw the water into a glass and add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and stir it well.

You do not need to add the teaspoon of honey for taste, which contains about 20 to 21 calories.

Watch this YouTube video to see how to do it.


So it is true that a few glasses of lemon water daily will help you to lose weight regardless of your diet. But to get the best results, you need to keep it up and do this for the rest of your life.

This is a good way to get that necessary water into your body if you do not like the taste of regular water at all.

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