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How to Get Rid of a Hanging Belly: Practical Tips and Solutions

One of the most exciting times in many women’s lives is when they find out that they are pregnant. There are a lot of changes that come both during and after pregnancy. Though each pregnancy is unique, certain changes occur for every woman.

A hanging belly is probably one of the most well-known of these. Typically, after birth, a woman’s belly is larger and hangs slights, and many ladies want to get rid of it as fast as possible.

There are ladies who are okay with the hanging belly or do not have much of one but for those who want to return to that pre-baby body, this may be a concern. This is not an easy task, and it will take a little time, but you can do it with a little patience, guidance, and a few alterations to your daily routines.

You can find a lot of different information strewn across the internet, but they all have some things that are the same. Most will require you to understand your individual needs and to use that information as the template to develop your own health routine. If you can do that, you will be able to get rid of that hanging belly.

What Causes a Hanging Belly?

As your baby grows in your uterus, the stomach expands to allow for the increase in the volume needed to protect the baby. With the enlargement of your uterus, the abdominal muscles also stretch. This will also cause the skin to loosen, and this is what causes a hanging belly once you have delivered.

Your skin does have elastin, but through the long nine months of pregnancy, the fibers will get damaged. This will make getting a hanging belly into shape harder.

Other things can aid in the creation of a hanging belly. The stomach’s growth is partially also due to the storage of fat in that region. After the baby has been born, you can lose weight, but that fat is a little more stubborn and may take some time to get rid of. This also is a key factor when it comes to a hanging belly.

Tips to Get Rid of a Hanging Belly

After giving birth, there will be even more hormonal changes as the last phase of the pregnancy process goes into effect. These hormones are intended to shrink the uterus back into its original shape, thereby reducing the size of a new mother’s stomach. If possible, breastfeeding will also help reduce the fat storage that can cause a hanging belly.

The rate of this loss will depend on the woman because many different things will play a part in the whole process.
If you are trying to get rid of a hanging belly, you will have to make some changes to your lifestyle. These will include diet and exercise. There are many other tips and techniques you can use to lose that hanging belly.

Here are a few of them.


The absolute best thing to help with this goal is breastfeeding. This will keep you focused and help with weight loss in one of the most natural ways known to women.

Typically, women who breastfeed have more energy, are emotionally calm, and can manage their weight better. The hanging belly is also drastically affected by the process of breastfeeding because of those hormones we discussed above.


Like with any weight loss journey, there has to be some level of exercise involved. You will want to start off slowly only after you have checked with your doctor to make sure it is okay for you to start working out. Start with a simple stroll, which will not only be good for you but for the little one, as well.

Once you do that for a week or so, then you can begin adding in other exercises that work your whole body. By incorporating these, you will be able to tackle that hanging belly faster. Activities like yoga, pilates, or even swimming are all good choices to add to your everyday routine.

One exercise every woman should include is Kegel’s. With this exercise, you lay on the floor on your back. Then, you will bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground. Place your arms beside your body, and then contract your pelvic floor. This should feel like you are trying to hold it, and then release the pelvic floor. You should do this multiple times a day. You can elevate the difficulty by lifting one leg slightly off the floor as you perform a Kegel.

If you had a difficult pregnancy or birth, your physician may want you to take longer to recoup before you begin working out. If this is the case, like we said, consult your physician and they may be able to give you some guidelines that can help you get to where you can begin exercising sooner.

Lose Weight

A large contributor to a hanging belly is the fat accumulated during pregnancy. Thus, the best way to combat this is to begin working on maintaining a healthy weight. This is especially true for ladies who went into their pregnancy already overweight.

Do your best to find a good aerobic routine, as that may be a good idea. These types of exercises burn calories, and many of them will work out the core. This is the area that the hanging belly is in. Therefore, any exercises that will help tighten your core will impact the speed at which you can get rid of your hanging belly.

Eat Correctly

In any case, if you are trying to lose weight, a healthy diet is a great way to help reach your goals. This is also true when it comes to getting rid of that hanging belly. Those women who are breastfeeding may need the proper amount of calories. This includes fruits, veggies, lean proteins, low fat, and whole grains.

The same type of diet will work well for weight maintenance, as well. When cooking, make sure you use healthy fats like olive oil. In order to get the right diet for your body, you may want to talk with a physician or dietician. These professionals will be able to devise a diet that gives you everything you need and allows for weight loss, as well.


A hanging belly also comes from the skin stretching out and the fibers being damaged. Water helps hydrate your skin, which will help it improve its elasticity. Your body works better with water, as well, which means it can burn fat better and the water retention will be reduced in and around your midsection.

Skin Firming Products

Some creams and lotions can be used to aid in improving the elasticity of the skin. Finding firming products that are formulated using ingredients like collagen, vitamin C, and retinoids will be ideal to help with your hanging belly.

By utilizing these lotions or creams, you may be able to repair some of that damage and improve the firmness of the skin. This will, in turn, help with getting rid of that hanging belly.

Have a Spa Day

Pampering yourself is always a good idea, and if done right, it can help reduce a hanging belly. Many spas offer skin wraps that are made with ingredients that can help detoxify skin, improve elasticity, and tighten the skin, as well.

This can affect the firmness of your skin. It may be short-lived, but even a little can help tighten loose skin and keep your skin healthy.

These are all things you can do, but if the hanging belly is not disappearing and it truly bothers you, it may be necessary to look at more extreme measures. You can go for a tummy tuck, which is elective surgery.

If this is the way you are leaning, make sure to consult your physician and your health insurance to make sure that it is right for you and that you are covered for this surgery. You may be able to use some of the above tips while you wait for everything to line up when it comes to this elective surgery.

Final Thoughts

After pregnancy, your body will still be going through changes, and that is to be expected. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to fight these changes and recoup from the changes that have already occurred.

Having extra fat stored and the skin stretched for nine months will result in some physical changes, like a hanging belly, that some women may not be okay with.

The journey to getting rid of the hanging belly after pregnancy is not an easy road. It will take a lot of patience and dedication to achieve this goal. Focusing on strengthening your core, maintaining your health, and getting rid of your hanging belly can be done in many ways.

The tips and tricks we gave you in the section above are just a few ways to focus on how to get rid of a hanging belly.

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